I am thinking of using fossil tile in for my Project. What should I do first?

We encourage you to look through our collection of past projects for something of interest. If you see something let us know. We can provide details on the project, ballpark pricing, and time frames.

With most tile projects we deliver cut, edged, finished, sealed tiles “ready to install

Are fossil tiles suitable for use in backsplashes, showers, flooring, and in fireplaces?

Yes, fossil tiles can be used in a variety of applications. We have certain layers in our quarry with stone best suited for each application.

Note: We recommend that tiles be restricted to indoor use only.

Am I limited to the tile sizes and thickness listed on your website or can I have them custom cut?

We can custom cut tiles to any size you might request.

Do you supply the stone without fossils to fill in space around the fossils?

Yes, we supply matching field tile (tile without fossils) for use in showers, walls, backsplashes and flooring. We can match this stone to the fossil stone.

How durable is the fossil stone?

The fossil stone is a hard durable freshwater limestone. With proper care it will last a long time. Limestone is by nature much softer and more porous than say granite or quartz. Like all natural stone, care should be taken to protect it. Regarding the porosity of the stone, we apply two factory coating of a sealer designed to protect it from stains. Depending upon the application, we recommend the stone be cleaned and re-sealed periodically.